13:10 PM

US Chamber of Commerce | How To Create A Recession-Proof Business Plan

Fracture CEO Abhi Lokesh knows a thing or two about creating a business that's build to not just survive, but thrive in an economic downturn. Lokesh, a Millennial entrepreneur, co-founded Fracture in 2009 in the wake of the Great Recession. The hard-won lessons from those early days continue to shape Fracture's responsible, boot-strapped approach to growth. In this article for the US Chamber of Commerce, he shares his tips for new founders. 

You can read the full article on the US Chamber of Commerce website.

"It's a matter of being incredibly detail-oriented and leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of being as financially stable as possible."
Abhi Lokesh, CEO of Fracture on creating a recession-proof business plan